Considering Every Footballer’s Characteristics before Forming the World Cup Team

In the beginning of the season, the FIFA qualifications in September, October and November mean a loads of chances for football players to play for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, winning goals on the behalf of their countries in 2018.

For the excellent opportunity and overwhelming honors, every football player will spare no efforts in winning accolades for their countries, so this year’s cut-throat competition will be crueler for them. The only one or two games are the only opportunity to shine in front of people in the world. At the end of the month, decision shall be made step by step.

Many decision have been made by Brazil squad’s coach. Given the condition, the coach shall stay loyal to all football players under his direction, achieving greater consequences than their simple football playing. After a third of South America’s qualifications having been played, the Brazil national football team’s ranking is failing gradually, ending with facing high risks of elimination. With help of manager Tite, Brazil turned the declining trend into a good condition, winning ten football games and leaving scores in two football games. The fact also proved the consequence to a certain extent. Footballer having contributed to the process earned a place on the plane to Russia. If injuries permit, the manager Tite has decided in selection of Brazilian football players.

The football matches in the month against Russia and Germany has offset negative consequences partially. Certainly, Neymar missed these football games for his injuries on metatarsal fracture. It’s interesting for all spectators and audiences that whether the Brazil side will defeat other football teams or not under the direction of Tite and absence of Neymar. Some would like to see whether the manager will change his strategy to choose a superior footballer Philippe Coutinho or remain his original plan. The Germany side perhaps establish a team with a conservative line-up, selecting Casemiro as a member of their central midfield block.

In case the fifteen football player having been fixed, some activities may be going to at the sidelines. Compared with football squads having played against Japan and England last year, seven football players have been ruled out of football games, including goalkeeper Cassio, full-backs Danilo and Alex Sandro, centre-back Jemerson, midfielders Giuliano and Diego and improvised target centre-forward Diego Souza. However, ruling out of football games does not mean they dropped out of the contention.

In this case, three footballers like full-backs Fagner and Filipe Luis, centre-backs Geromel and Rodrigo Caio and midfielder Fred are recalled to face the fierce competition. Sometimes, there are discrepancies in selecting a footballer for a team. As the approaching of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, things will become interesting increasingly for different choices in the wake of varied football playing model. In the event that three defensive positions have been fixed, three slots are available for midfield and attack. Let’s wait for the coming of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and we will analysis their responding strategies carefully.

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