England’s National Men’s Football Team

The England team emblem is made up of three lions and ten roses. The ten flowers in the emblem are the rose, and the rose is the national flower of England, representing Newcastle, London, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, Portsmouth and Southampton. The England team emblem is essentially the original national emblem of England, it has three teeth and claws of the lion. The figure is often erect, or with his front PAWS raised, his mane erect, his mouth open and roaring, and his whole body strangely thin and hairy;The color is usually red or gold, and the swallowing head and claws complement each other in color. As the “king of beasts”, the lion became a popular animal heraldry in the Middle Ages as a symbol of strength and courage. England National Team (England National Team) is a National football Team managed by the English football federation. Due to historical reasons, the four major regions of Britain, wales, England, Scotland and Ireland, exist as independent National football teams. Before Ireland became independent of the United Kingdom, a new football association was established in the Irish free state (the predecessor of the republic of Ireland), and the original Irish football federation continued to manage the Northern Ireland team. Since then, there have been a total of five national teams in the British Isles. As the birthplace of modern football, the UK has the most developed football market and the strongest economic strength in the football world. England has always been the center of professional football in the world. English clubs once monopolized the European championship (the predecessor of the European champions league) for six consecutive years in the 1976-1982 season. The football association of England, founded in 1863, has been the pioneer of European football for more than 155 years.

By the end of 2017, England’s official national team has won 974 games, won 553, drawn 236 and lost 183, with a total score of 2, 133-960, won 1, 173 net goals and scored 1995 total points, ranking the flagship position in the history of European football. England won the 1966 World Cup at home and the 1997 invitational tournament between England, Italy, France and France, and won the first three Olympic men’s titles. With the start of the World Cup and the European championship only after the Second World War, they have reached the top eight of the World Cup and the European championship 19 times in history. Historical confrontation against Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Hungary, Spain and other teams have the world’s most goal difference. England finished fourth in the 2018 World Cup with captain John Caine scoring six goals to become the top scorer of the tournament. The latest 2018-2019 European national league A class, England to the group first, advanced to the last four, will be held in the summer of 2019 finals for the championship. On October 26, 1863, people concerned met at Freemason hotel in queen’s street, London to discuss and agree to establish a football association. The establishment of the football association of England set an example for Europe and other developed regions and countries of football, and it marked the birth of modern football. England’s official national team won the 1966 World Cup at home and the 1997 four-nation invitational tournament between England, Italy, France and France. With the World Cup and European championships only starting after the Second World War, they have reached the top eight of the World Cup and European championships 18 times in history. In addition, the England amateur national team participated in the 1900, 1908 and 1912 Olympic Games in the name of the British team and won three football championships.

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