Gareth Southgate shall have faith in Marcus Rashford

In order to play football games in a better way, footballers shall trust each other and cooperate closely. Jose Mourinho expressed his supports to Marcus Rashford, giving a nod to him to play for the 2018 FIFA World Cup this summer. Rashford has not played football games for Manchester United in the Premier League after the Boxing Day. Some speculated that the England side’s manager Gareth Southgate may concern this matter when he intends to select footballer for friendlies against Netherlands and Italy in this month.

In spite of the suggestion uttered by the manager of Manchester United, the boss of England national football team may not to change his ideas greatly. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether the coach of England national football team has faith in Marcus Rashford or not. Prior to the flying to Crystal Palace on Monday, the manager told conference press, voicing his friendly suggests and best wishes to the football team. Many football players stop playing football games when they go the national football teams, such as the second goalkeeper of Manchester United – Romero, who is the second goalkeeper second to the first goalkeeper for Argentina.

Almost in every national football team, there is one or more footballers who haven’t netted a goal in Premier League. It’s Gareth Southgate’s turn to make a decision. It doesn’t matter that whether he continues to play for Man United or not. In addition to competition from Alexis Sanchez, Anthony Martial, Jesse Lingard and Juan Mata for a place in Man United’s first three, Rashford have earn 15 international caps of England national football team in the season, and 25 appearances were in the Premier League.

After joining in the first team from 2016, this is the second full season to play in senior football under the direction of Louis van Gaal. The Man United coach thinks that many people are expecting to see more outstanding performances for Rashford’s blistering start in football playing career.

The manager of Man United voiced that the young footballer performs better than they expected and his skills at all levels also exceed their expectation. It’s simple to perform a blistering start like for his competent overall strength. It is the blistering that most people hope he could performed better than the current performances.

Some expressed they are satisfied with his performances at present. He spares no efforts in contributing his team’s comfortable win.

A Russian Jailed after Attacking England Side’s Football Fans

A Russian was imprisoned for attacking an English football fan at Euro 2016 in Marseille, France. Although the identity of the suspect having not been investigated carefully, the harmful actions caused to severe consequences, leaving Andrew Bache with multiple fractured bones and injuries in his brain. The 51-year-old Bache is one of people who have been attacked before the Euro 2016 group-stage game. For the sake of his severe injuries, he was stuck into coma and now is recovering from the injury. When he tried to fly to Spain for Europa League game, he was arrested by policeman.

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